Linksys Smart Wifi Tools – Complete Features Guide

Because the most recent technology is rapidly taking over the globe, it is imperative that we adopt all of the devices that have the potential to make our lives easier. Therefore, while you may tell Alexa to play your favorite music whenever you want, the technological developments that are available now can help you save a significant amount of inconvenience on a daily basis in many other ways.

You may obtain full access to your home network anytime you want, wherever you are, and through any mobile app you choose with the help of the Linksys Smart WiFi tools. You can control your home networks from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection thanks to this free service that comes bundled with their Linksys Smart WiFi routers.

Controlling gadgets all throughout your home and watching high-definition videos streamed from your home at any time are both ways to improve and safeguard your digital experience. Linksys equips you with a wide variety of additional helpful tools that you were previously unaware you required. It might alleviate a significant portion of your concerns when you are away from home.

What is Linksys Smart Wifi?

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If you place a high importance on durability, speed, and cost, then you should consider purchasing a Linksys Smart WiFi router made by Belkin International. These routers are among the best on the market. An uninterrupted, high-speed WiFi connection is given precedence above anything else. This is the most critical aspect of their service.

On certain of their routers, you may even expect a data transmission speed of 2.2 gigabits per second (GBPS). It is important to be aware that all of their routers are powered by powerful quad-core processors, which guarantees dependable performance for each individual user.

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The nice thing is that their mesh WiFi systems are just as dependable and economical as their traditional WiFi options. In addition to this, they improve the signal strength across the entirety of your home. Considering their nodes, a terrible WiFi connection is a thing of the past in even the largest of residences.

Because it allows for a greater number of devices to be connected to a single network than any other brand, the Linksys Wireless Router is many people’s wireless router of choice. In addition, Linksys places a high priority on network security, which means that you won’t need to worry about compatible smart home devices being compromised by dangers posed by the network.

What are Linksys smart wifi tools?

It’s true that many choose Linksys because to its speed and dependability, but the company’s smart WiFi solutions are even more appealing to consumers. No matter where you are in the world, you will always have full access to the network in your house thanks to these innovative solutions.

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As long as your iOS or Android smartphone is connected to the same WiFi network as your router, you will be able to use the Linksys app to perform remote diagnostics on any connected devices.

The Two Different Linksys Subscription Services

Both Linksys Shield and Linksys Aware are available as paid memberships through the Linksys app. To begin, a paid membership to Linksys Shield provides network security and protects your children from potentially harmful content that can be found on the internet. You are able to connect up to 14 different devices to your mesh WiFi network when you use Linksys Shield.

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Linksys Aware, on the other hand, is yet another premium membership service that offers motion detection across the entire home. You have the ability to select the degrees of sensitivity that are most appropriate for your house, and you will be warned if motion surpasses the threshold you set. In addition, you can use Linksys Aware to connect any other smart home device that is compatible with it in order to improve your ability to detect motion even more.

Pricing for Linksys’s Subscription Offerings

Your Linksys membership will be renewed automatically according to the auto-renewing subscription settings that you choose. You have the option of getting a membership that automatically renews either on a monthly or yearly basis.

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The Linksys Shield service may be had for a monthly fee of $4.99 or for an annual fee of $49.99. It costs $2.99 each month to use Linksys Aware, and it costs $24.99 for an annual subscription.

Some of Smart Wifi Features of Linksys

The following is an outline of the primary capabilities that may be obtained using the Linksys Smart WiFi tools.

Access from a Distance (Remote Access)

All you need is a reliable WiFi connection to be able to access the network at your residence from outside the house. This connection might even be your cellphone data or a hotspot belonging to a buddy! You are set to go as long as you are able to launch the Linksys App on your device.


The software consolidates all of your WiFi’s essential statistics into a single command center, making it much simpler for you to find the specific function you want. These statistics contain information about who is currently online, the speed at which your network is operating, potential dangers to your system, and much more.

Parental Controls

You are able to shield your children from potentially harmful content by utilizing the Parental Controls tool. In addition, it allows you to pause your internet connection anytime you want and provides content blockers that can be tailored to your preferences, which contributes to a more positive and productive time spent online.

Security for Computer Networks

Utilizing Linksys Shield as another line of defense against both outside and within attacks on your network is another option.

Device Prioritization

While simultaneously giving favorite devices WiFi precedence, you may boost the quality of your streaming and your experience playing games online. This implies that the wireless router from Linksys will prioritize providing the fastest connection possible to the device that you select.

Guest Access

More significantly, you may offer your friends access to the internet so that they can make advantage of the WiFi at your place without jeopardizing the safety of your information.

How To Access The Linksys Wireless Router

The following is a walkthrough of the Linksys router login process, which will allow you to access your router.

  • Launch the web browser application on your own computer and navigate to the address bar, where you will input the IP address of your Linksys router.
  • is the default IP address that can be found on the majority of routers that Linksys supports.
  • The window to enter the password for the Linksys router will appear. Whenever asked, provide the password for the Linksys router.
  • OpenDNS should be entered into both the DNS1 and DNS2 fields.
  • Now simply click the Save Settings button.

How to Update Firmware on Linksys Smart WiFi Routers:

The following is a walkthrough on how to upgrade the firmware on your Linksys router.

  • In order to access your Linksys Cloud account, provide the login details for your router.
  • Proceed to the part that is labeled “Firmware Update.”
  • After that, select the option to Check for Updates.
  • You will need to download the available firmware update for your device and then install it.
  • To update the firmware, select Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

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Final Words

Have these tools not significantly improved the sound quality of your digital experience? While you are away from home, you can now check in on your home network quickly and effortlessly to put your mind at ease.

Having access to your house through a mobile app may help you avoid a lot of headaches on a daily basis, whether it’s for reasons of safety or because you just forgot to turn off an appliance that wasn’t essential. So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating? Considering all the benefits, you shouldn’t hesitate to make an investment in Linksys Wi-Fi.

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