Is 800 Mbps Good Enough? [Detailed Research]

The internet speed of 800 Mbps is really speedy. It is readily capable of meeting the demanding bandwidth requirements of a household or a small office with 10–20 employees or members. It is obvious that it is slower than 1000 Mbps gigabit internet, but at the same time, it is more economically sound.

With a speed of 800 megabits per second, you may have as many as 32 4K streaming, almost 21 HD Zoom calls, more than 1000 Spotify streams, and over 35 online gaming sessions all at the same time. In addition, it just takes a few minutes to publish videos on YouTube or download movies in full high-definition quality.

Is a speed of 800 Mbps considered fast for everyone? Who is eligible to become a subscriber? What kinds of tasks does it accommodate? In order to get more specific answers to all of these queries, I decided to sign up for the 800 Mbps plan offered by Xfinity. Let’s look at the results of this investigation.

How Much Fast is 800 Mbps?

WiFi speeds of 800 megabits per second are sufficient for those who often do data-intensive jobs. If, on the other hand, your job consists mostly of browsing the internet or using social media, you should be able to get by with an internet speed of either 50 or 25 megabits per second.

Check below comparison table:

UsageBandwidth UsageNo. Of Devices Connected
Social Media0.5-2 Mbps400-500 Devices
Web Surfing0.1-1 Mbps800-900 Devices
Email and Messages0.1 Mbps900+ Devices
WhatsApp Video Call2-3 Mbps200-400 Devices
Skype Call1-3 Mbps200-600 Devices
Zoom Call3.5-4 Mbps200-300 Devices
YouTube HD2-3 Mbps200-400 Devices
Streaming Netflix HD5-7 Mbps100-150 Devices
Streaming Music0.6 Mbps1000+ Devices
Online Games3-4 Mbps200-250 Devices

How Long It Takes to Download Various Files at 800 Mbps?

With a download speed of 800 Mbps, even huge files and programs can be quickly and easily downloaded. You can get up to 120 GB of games in a matter of minutes. To give you an idea, you can download the 1.85 GB file size of Microsoft 365 can be in approximately 18 seconds.

Check below speed comparison table:

File Type and SizeTime to Download
Email Attachments [Up to 20 MB]0.20 seconds
Mobile Applications and Games [Up to 50 GB]8 Minutes 30 Seconds
HD Music Album [Up to 500 MB]5.1 Seconds
HD Movie [Up to 3 GB]29 Seconds
1080 p Videos [Up to 1.5 GB]14 Seconds

With 800 Mbps Connection, What Can You Do?

Internet speed of 800 megabits per second are more than sufficient to meet all of your data requirements. Downloading huge files, streaming videos, playing games, participating in video conferences, and other activities all benefit from the high download and upload speeds provided. In point of fact, it is quite a little quicker than the typical speed in the United States.

1. Streaming

Is a speed of 800 Mbps enough for streaming? There is no room for doubt in this scenario. If you have an internet connection of 800 Mbps, you won’t have any problems fulfilling the streaming demands of sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify, among others.

In order to view media in 4K resolution on Netflix, a download speed of at least 25 Mbps is required. If you do the math, using this plan will allow you to stream media in 4K resolution on 32 different devices at the same time. That is just insane.

The amount of bandwidth used for YouTube is far lower than that of Netflix. Using this plan, you will be able to stream an unlimited number of videos in both high definition and standard resolution on a number of different devices simultaneously. Download speeds between 0.4 and 0.7 Mbps are necessary to use Spotify and other music services. This means that a staggering 1,240 devices are capable of streaming songs at the same time.

2. Video Conferencing

People who work from home want consistent internet access and a speed that can be relied upon in order to make regular phone calls. Thankfully, with a speed of 800 Mbps, it is not difficult at all to do. Bandwidth requirements for HD video calls made with Zoom range between 3.5 and 4 Mbps. Therefore, you are able to make up to 21 HD Zoom calls in a row without interruption.

Even less bandwidth is used for WhatsApp voice and video calls. With this plan, you will have a considerably simpler time carrying out over 400 video calls and well over a thousand audio conversations. In a similar vein, somewhere between 200 and 600 devices can simultaneously handle Skype calls.

3. Gaming

When it comes to playing games online, having a faster internet connection is preferable. Not only are you able to play online games with a download speed of 800 Mbps, but you can also download big game files in a matter of seconds. The upload speed for online gaming can reach up to 2 Mbps, while the download speed often ranges from 5-10 Mbps.

With this internet package, you may have as many as 35 simultaneous gaming sessions without experiencing any latency. When it comes to the downloading, even lengthy games like “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Gears 5″ for the personal computer may be downloaded quickly and effortlessly in around 38 minutes. A significant improvement above the standard US speed!

In addition, it just takes around 16 minutes to download a game of the middle-tier level like Goat Simulator. The download time for low-end games like PUBG Mobile is only two minutes. Is it safe to say that 800 Mbps is adequate for gaming? Absolutely, that is the case!

YouTube video

Final Words

Internet plan of 800 megabits per second is more than capable of handling all of your typical online activities. It is more than sufficient for single users, families, or organizations with a limited number of employees. At this speed, it is considerably simpler to perform tasks such as downloading huge files, uploading films, or playing online games.

Even if there are numerous people using the 800Mbps plan at the same time, you won’t have to worry about experiencing lags or delays of any kind. But before you buy any plan, you need to understand both the speed needs you have and the number of people that will be sharing the plan, and make sure you have the latest hardware supporting these speeds.

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