How To Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Problem? – Best Guide

If you have a Xfinity router, you’re likely experienced with the blinking orange light that appears on the device. This is due to the fact that this unpleasant light is a signal that your router is about to undergo a firmware upgrade. It’s possible that you’re not aware of how to resolve the Xfinity router’s blinking orange light problem.

You may have intermittent failures of your router’s operation and an issue with the flashing orange light while it is updating its firmware to the latest version. The problem with the flickering orange light is related with a recent software update, according to the manufacturer. There are a few approaches that may be taken to resolve this issue, and I hope this is helpful.

Without addressing this issue, there is a risk that you will have the same issue with your router on a regular basis in the future. It is the purpose of this article to present you with some vital suggestions on how to fix it yourself. So, let’s jump into it.!

Why Xfinity Router Blinks Orange?

Below can be the reasons.

  • Firmware Update
  • Defective Piece of a router
  • Malfunctioning Splitter

How To Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Problem?

Because this is a rather frequent issue, you shouldn’t be shocked. Learn how to resolve the Xfinity router blinking orange issue by following the instructions outlined below.

Wait for the Firmware Update to Be Complete

You may want to sit back and wait for the firmware upgrade to finish. A firmware update is a type of software update that includes the addition of new functionality. That is why you should wait for it to be completed rather than interrupting it in the middle of it.

Reboot Your Router

It is necessary to reset the device if the update does not go through successfully. Please turn off or disconnect your router from the power source. It is recommended that you wait at least one minute before turning it back on.

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Check The Splitter

If you have a splitter, you should double-check that piece of hardware as well as the others. If you have any doubts about it, you might consider replacing it with a new one for improved performance. Typically, this is the cause of the orange light that blinks intermittently.

Check The Connectivity of Cables

Sometimes, the explanation for the blinking orange light problem is on your side. Make sure that all of the wires that run through your router are securely attached. Even if the problem isn’t with your router, you should double-check these cables because they are very inexpensive and quick to replace.

Reset Your Xfinity Router

You may resolve all of your problems by resetting your router. This quick and simple procedure does not involve the use of any technical abilities. Essentially, when you reset your router, all of the present settings will be erased, and it will be configured as if it were a brand-new router.

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Defective Router

If your router isn’t functioning properly, there is a chance that it is experiencing some problems. A router with outdated firmware, for example, might be a source of frustration for you. As a result, make every effort to select the right router.

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To summarize, a firmware upgrade is a welcome thing. However, it can occasionally result in complications. Fortunately, you won’t have to do anything difficult to get your router working again. If you follow the suggestions above, you will never have to deal with the blinking orange light again. We hope that you have found this information on how to fix the Xfinity router blinking orange problem to be of use to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please share them in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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