Best Wireless Speakers For MacBook Pro – Top 4 Picks

Technology is evolving rapidly, every day, plenty of users switching to wireless technology and wireless speakers are part of it. Having the best wireless speakers for macbook pro can enhance your overall music and movies watching experience. These Bluetooth speakers do not take more space. They can be easily connected with any device which comes with Bluetooth technology such as macbook pro, macbook air or iPhone.

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Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Speakers For Apple MacBook

sony wireless speakers for macbook pro

  • IP67 Water & Dust Proof
  • X-Balanced Speakers
  • Great battery Life


Wireless (also known as Bluetooth speakers) don’t require any wires for connectivity which makes them unique and more user friendly because you don’t have to worry about worn out connector and accidentally damaging wires etc. The size and shape of wireless speakers are very attractive and colorful, anyone has a wish to buy a single piece of it. Here’ I am going to list some of the best portable wireless speaker for MacBook pro which also compatible with other smart devices including macbook air, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Quick Comparison of Wireless Speakers For MacBook Pro - Top 4 Recommendations

ProductBattery TimeWater ResistanceRange
Bose SoundLink Color 2 Wireless Speakers8-hrsIPX4 Certification30 Feet
Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Speakers For Macbook pro24-hrsIPX67 Certification90 Feet
OonTz Angle 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For Macbook14-hrsIPX5 Certification100 Feet
Anker SoundCore Motion Boom Wireless Speakers24-hrsIPX7 Certification280 Feet

1. Bose Sound Link Portable Wireless Speakers For Macbook Pro – Best Overall

bose soundlink external wireless speaker for macbook pro techswifty

  • Innovative Bose Technology
  • Built-in Mic
  • Bose SimpleSync Technology
  • Rugged Design
  • IPX-4 Certification
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Average Bass

It is the successor to the original Bose Sound-link Color Bluetooth speaker. These are one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers for macbook pro considering their price and quality. This bluetooth speaker comes fully in smooth and quite unbreakable plastic with a little bit of rubber on the sides, able to withstand sudden drops. The product is water-resistant, comes with IPX-4 certification. The wireless speaker equipped with a microphone offering speakerphone features along with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for supporting devices.

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You can pair up to 8 devices with these wireless speakers including macbook pro, macbook air and iPhone. You can use the microphone for getting assistance from Siri or Google Assistant using this smart speaker. It comes with Li-ion battery which has a battery life of up to 8 hours on normal usage. The Bluetooth speaker is easy to setup and can easily be pair with your macbook pro or other devices.

It offers Bose Connect, a companion app for both iOS and Android devices. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 version which is also backward compatible and also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary port. These wireless speakers are best for those who want a modest-looking speaker set, which is compact and water-resistant offering impressive sound. Looking for a small but powerful and rugged speaker, this product is for you.

2. Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Portable Speakers For Macbook Pro – Long Battery Life

sony srs portable speakers for macbook and iphone

  • Up to 100 Feet Wireless Range
  • IP-67 Water Proof
  • X-Balanced Speakers
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Great Loud Volume
  • Side Passive Radiator For Enhanced Sound
  • Lower Bass is a Little Weak

Sony SRS-XB33 bluetooth speaker looks and feels quite professional, with a weighty finish that highlights the quality of the materials. There’s a leather effect decoration around the sides to support the premium aesthetic, and this material also helps to protect against unwanted damage to your surfaces when you put the speaker down on a table or accidentally fell from the table. A handy set of rubber feet will keep your Sony SRS-XB33 portable wireless speaker upright wherever you do choose to place it, and if you look at the top, you’ll find a set of physical controls. Here, you can access volume, play, pause, Bluetooth pairing, the power button and “live mode”.

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Sound quality of this speaker is pretty great as well. If you love bass than Sony srs-XB33 are the best wireless speakers for macbook pro which you can buy for listening music and watching movies. You’ll notice the Extra Bass as advertised by Sony, which nods to this speaker’s dual passive radiators, but it’s the main driver units that are more interesting. Sony calls this its X-Balanced Speaker Unit, where non-circular diaphragms make for a maximized surface area, and an increase in sound pressure aims for hard-hitting bass.

These wireless speakers have built in microphone so you can easily enjoy hands-free experience while on calls or talking from your macbook pro laptop. The product is rated IP67 for waterproof, dustproof and shock proof design. It comes with rechargeable Li-ion battery which can lasts up to 24-hrs, so you can enjoy listening experience for full whole day non-stop on a single charge. Overall, this is probably the best bluetooth speaker for your macbook pro if you want to experience rich bass and fantastic sound quality.

3. OonTz Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Apple Mac – Budget Friendly

oontz angle 3 budget friendly wireless bluetooth speakers for macbook pro

  • Clear Stereo Sound
  • IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Built-in Microphone For Calls
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Not That Expensive
  • Great Stereo Sound
  • Volume Not Loud Enough

OonTZ Angle 3 is a budget friendly wireless speakers supporting Bluetooth connectivity, excellent sound quality for the price and fully compatible with macbook pro, macbook air, iPhone and iPad. As for its design, Oontz Angle 3 is surprisingly robust, with a lightweight build easily capable of resisting rain and splashes. This portable wireless speaker comes with a 2500mAh battery that can last for up to 14 hours of playback. What’s more, you get a fantastic high-quality sound performance from the wrap-round grill.

There’s a hands-free personal speakerphone so that you can take calls. Bluetooth connections are also quick and reliable, and there’s an aux-in cable for your music too. Behind the unique pyramid shape, you’ll find two exactitude neodymium drivers. That means clear and robust highs and mids – something many cheap small speakers struggle with. There’s also a bass radiator for improved bass. The speaker even comes with a power-saving feature in the firmware so that you can make the most out of your battery. If you put a song on pause for fifteen minutes, your speaker will turn off itself automatically. Quite amazing feature considering its price tag.

The speaker support bluetoooth 4.2 connectivity but it does not support multiple device connectivity so you can’t pair more than one device at the same time. Additionally, the speaker comes with an IPX5 rating and is sturdy for use outdoors; so, you don’t have to worry much about rain or sand ruining the speakers while playing music from your macbook pro. It is also dustproof as well as splashproof. It can stand some minor drops too, due to the rubber wrapping at the ends, which cushions the fall. Overall, it is a pretty great external wireless speaker for your apple macbook pro or other devices.

4. Anker Motion Boom External Wireless Speakers – Best Sound Quality

Anker best wireless speakers for macbook pro

  • Anker BassUp Technology
  • SoundCore App Support
  • Pure Titanium Diaphragms
  • Incredible Bass
  • WaterProof & DustProof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Bulky Design

The Anker Motion Boom Bluetooth speaker is a small speaker with a rectangular shape and rounded edges. Having a silicone exterior and metal grille to cover the two drivers, the speaker has texturized buttons that are found on top of the speaker unit. The power button can be found on the side of the speaker. At the top, there is a multi-function button to pause/play your audio, this can be pressed twice to skip ahead and pressed thrice to backtrack, on the top left, and there is a BassUp button that serves to increase the bass in your audio. At the top also are three separate buttons to adjust the volume and pair a device using Bluetooth.

The wireless speaker has a range of about 280 ft (85 m) and has great Bluetooth connectivity with Apple macbook pro. The incredible range makes it stay connected to your device even over a long distance. The product comes with multi-device pairing features by which two devices can be connected to the speaker simultaneously and makes it convenient to switch your audio source when alternating between your iPhone and Macbook. It uses latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for wireless connectivity.

The Anker Motion Boom Bluetooth speaker comes with Li-ion battery providing an amazing battery life of up to 24 hours of average use. It also features quick charge technology, which can charge your speaker in just 3 hours. It has a USB-C charging port and additionally comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable.

The Anker Motion Boom Bluetooth speaker has loud and incredible sound quality with a nice touch of bass. Anker house built BassUp technology can enhance your listening experience by outputting great bass from Anker Motion Boom external speakers. It has a quite loud volume which makes it suitable for outdoor usage. It also gives out a better sound than its competitors at the same price, and though it cannot compete with bigger and more costly speakers in terms of audio quality, it is a good pick if you’re looking for a good wireless speaker at an affordable price to use with your macbook pro or other Apple devices.

Buying External Wireless Speakers For Macbook Pro - What To Consider?

Look out for these things before making an purchase.

Battery Life

With portable wireless speakers, few things are more important than battery life figures. You want a Bluetooth speaker that will keep the audio coming for longer time. Nothing is worse than taking the speaker out for the day, only for it to die after couple of hours. Fortunately, most Bluetooth speakers last 6-10 hours on average, and some speakers even boost 24-hour battery life. Depending on what you’re doing with the speaker, a decent battery life is must for a wireless speaker.

Sound Quality

Many buyers make the mistake of buying a Bluetooth Speaker that sounds dull. Don’t buy a device with a basic speaker and having terrible sound specs. Without a doubt, you’ll want to buy a speaker that offers stereo sound and at least some decent bass. Many nowdays, wireless speakers support a subwoofer as well. Such speakers produce decent bass, so you should look for one of these options if you have good budget. Sound quality is important here, especially if you plan to listen to music from the speaker on a regular basis.

Water & Dust Resistance

More and more wireless speakers continue to come with water resistance certifications. A best wireless speaker for macbook pro should come with water proofing. You might find water resistance unnecessary, but it comes in handy nonetheless. A speaker doesn’t have to be used near the pool or ocean for this feature to be useful. In reality, even mild water resistance can protect your speaker from water splashes and rain. You won’t have to worry about spilling a drink on the speaker or being out in a moist environment – it won’t get damaged!


Companies have released dozens of ugly, bulky speakers over the years. To avoid various problems, you’ll want to consider speakers that are both easy to carry and well-designed. Your Bluetooth speaker doesn’t need to look like a sports bike, but it should come with a decent user friendly design. The lightweight, attractive design ensures your wireless speaker is portable and easy to carry around. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to carry about a gigantic speaker that’s heavy, unwieldy, and unpleasant to look at.

Instruction For Connecting Wireless Speakers With Macbook Pro

The speaker connection process is quite simple to computer geeks, but general users may find it challenging. That’s why this guide from reputable channel is worth checking out, it features a step by step tutorial on how to connect wireless speakers to your macbook and walks you through the precautions and help you stay on your feet.

YouTube video

Final Words

Wireless speakers are great choice for your macbook pro considering their portability and ease of use. You can easily carry such speaker from one place to another or can place them anywhere in your room. If you hate wires then wireless speaker is must for you.

If you’ve decided to buy the wireless speakers for your Mac, tell us what your experience was like in the comments. We’d love to hear which speaker you chose and how was your experience with it.

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