Best External Speakers For Macbook Pro – Top 3 Picks

Macbook pro has decent set of built-in speakers but some of users love loud music and for that you are going to need a best external speaker for macbook pro. Even if you’re not an audiophile, you know the feeling of not being able to turn something up as loud as you would like without sound distortion.

Be it a dorm-room movie night or doing a presentation from your MacBook Pro, sometimes the built-in speakers inside your laptop not enough. That’s also where you may need a great set of external speakers which will help turn your Apple Macbook machine into the ultimate home entertainment rig.



Creative Pebble V2 External Speakers

creative pebble v2 external speakers for macbook pro

  • Great Sound Quality
  • Compact Design
  • Great Compatibility


There are plenty of brands manufacturing different quality wired external speakers for laptop. In this article, we’ll point out some of the best external speakers for MacBook Pro you can get, and help you decide which are best for you depending on your personal preferences and budget.

Quick Comparison of External Speakers For MacBook Pro - Top 3 Recommendations

ProductSpeaker SystemTotal PowerFrequency Range
Amazon Basic External Speakers For Macbook pro2.02.4 Watts80Hz-20KHz
Creative Pebble V2 External Wired Speakers For Macbook2.016 Watts100Hz-17KHz
Bose Companion 2 Series 3 Multimedia External Speakers2.016.2 Watts50Hz-20KHz

1. Amazon Basic External Speakers For Macbook pro - Budget Friendly

amazon basic external speakers for macbook pro

  • 2.4 Watt Speakers
  • Easy Adjustable Volume
  • Blue LED Light
  • USB Powered
  • Amazing Sound
  • Matte Finish
  • Average Bass

The AmazonBasics USB powered external speaker is Amazon’s attempts at providing a simple alternative that’s built well enough to work with your macbook pro, and is also priced at a cost that won’t hurt your pocket. The Amazon Basic USB powered external speakers also have a blue LED accent on their bottom part that makes them look really nice. Setting up is also easy since the speakers are plug and play, and the inline volume control leaves for a much unified speaker design.

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These AmazonBasics PC speakers don’t really come with a power on/off switch, they just power on as soon as they’re plugged in to your macbook USB port. You’ll also need to connect its plug into your laptop 3.5mm headphone jack to output sound to the speakers. These set of speakers are not that powerful since each speaker produces 1.2 watts of sound, to give a combined RMS power output of 2.4 watts.

The two speakers are hardwired together with cable that’s long enough to let them sit on both sides of your laptop, but extending them further than the cable allows may prove to be slightly difficult. If you are looking for less expensive yet decent external speakers for your macbook pro than this product is best choice for you.

2. Creative Pebble V2 External Speakers For Macbook Pro - Best Overall

creative pebble v2 best external speakers for macbook pro and macbook air

  • Minimalist Design
  • USB-C Connectivity Support
  • Up To 16W Speakers
  • Powerful Full Range Drivers
  • Built In Audio Gain Switch
  • 45 Degree Elevated Design
  • None

Creative Pebble V2 is a compact external speakers which can be used with macbook pro. The product has a rounded design which gives it a small footprint on your desk as the speaker spills towards the bottom. The speaker has a matte plastic finish which helps make it simple on the desk and makes it easy to dust. It also means that there won’t be fingerprints smudges on the speakers if you grab and shift to some other place. The speaker driver is angled at about 45 degrees so that it faces you when it is on surface, this helps ensure a better listening experience as the speakers will be pointing towards your ears.

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The right speaker connects to your macbook pro using USB and 3.5mm jack. It also home to the volume dial and power indicator LED. There is also a gain switch on the underside of this speaker that will allow you to boost the speaker to its maximum power – although this will require a 10-watt USB-C or USB-A port connectivity. The sound of this external speakers is a little bright, but the passive subwoofers definitely help with adding that bit of bass that the speakers really need to have a fuller, crisp sound.

If you’re looking for a pair of usb powered speakers to improve your listening experience on a budget, Creative’s Pebble V2 speakers are a fantastic choice. They’re good value for the buck and manage to provide a great sound for the form factor.

3. Bose Companion 2 Series 3 Multimedia External Speakers - Best Sound Quality

bose companion 2 multimedia external speakers

  • Best Sound Performance
  • Simple To Set Up
  • Simple Design
  • High Quality Audio Performance
  • TrueSpace Technology
  • Easy To Set up
  • Price

Bose companion 2 series 3 is one of the best external speakers for macbook pro and macbook air. Bose speakers are known for loud and clear sound quality. The gadget is pretty lightweight and they come in the form of an upright rectangular block, which we think a lot more people would prefer compared to the conical shape speakers. They are only available in a black color, and on right speaker the volume control, headphone jack and RCA inputs can be found.

This Bose multimedia speaker system won’t really give you any problems when setting it up for the first time. The right speaker is the main unit between the two, and is the one that has the power port as well as the left speaker module connection port. You’ll also get two full-size stereo RCA inputs there, with one designated to your laptop or PC and the other for any external media source.

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Each speaker boasts of a 2.5-inch full range driver, and thanks to advanced TrueSpace Stereo Signal Processing Circuitry, the high quality sound seems as though it’s originating from a larger sound stage than provided by the two Bose speakers.

For its size, the Bose series iii multimedia speaker produces a great bass, and also doesn’t distort the sound when turned up to high volume. The high quality sound produced is great for watching movies or multiplayer gaming, and the speakers are also quite easy to install make them ideal choice for your macbook.

Buying External Speakers For Macbook Pro - What To Consider?

Look out for these things before making an purchase.

Speakers System Type

When it comes to buying external speakers, there are generally two types of speaker systems, 2.0 or 2.1. 2.0 systems consist of one set of speakers whereas 2.1 consist of one set of speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer is basically a larger speaker responsible for generating lower frequency sounds which known as bass.

If you looking for a speaker system which generates amazing bass than you should go with 2.1 system like Creative Pebble Plus 2.1. But 2.1 system can be bulky and difficult to move, also it cost much as compared to 2.0 system. On the other hand 2.0 system generates average bass.

Frequency Response

The range of sound that a speaker can produce is called the ‘Frequency Response’. The wider this range, the better the quality of external speaker will be. High quality quality speakers are able to produce a wide variety of frequencies without causing any distortion in output sound. You’ll often see the frequency response specification written something like “100Hz – 20,000Hz”.


If you plan to keep your speakers at a specific location such as your workplace desk, this isn’t much of a consideration unless you have very limited space. But if you want something to match the portability of your MacBook Pro, then make sure to check on the size and weight of your preferred model before making a purchase.

Final Words

A great set of wired external speakers for your macbook pro or macbook air can really take the experience of using your Mac to the next level. Whether it’s pumping up your private parties, background music while you’re working, watching movies or playback for the project you’re working on, any of the speakers we’ve highlighted above will deliver both quality and great sound.

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